Aluminium Castings

Douglas Engineering Limited are manufactures of Aluminium gravity die castings. From the design to the finished casting.

Assistance with Component DesignAluminium Casting image 1

Our in-depth knowledge of aluminium gravity die castings and tooling manufacture which has been built over many years is available to your design staff at all times on new casting and castings being re-designed. This service can show great savings for you in material, production, machining and assembly costs.

Quality Assurance

We are renowned for the excellent quality of our production throughout Europe and are certified to I.S. EN ISO 9002: 1994 which covers all aspects of our production. In addition, we are ship to stock supplier to a number of Europe’s largest and most prestigious companies.

Tooling DesignAluminium Casting image 2

Our design staff are conversant with all forms of tool design and can produce accurate working drawings. To meet the most demanding specification we use CAD complimented with traditional draughting.

Tooling Manufacture

We have our own in-house fully equipped tool making facility and we manufacture a wide range of aluminium gravity die casting (permanent mould) tooling.

Tooling MaintenanceAluminium Casting image 3

All tooling manufactured by us is maintained free of charge, covering an agreed tool production life.

Casting Manufacture

We operate our own complete in-house foundry which includes Electric and Gas and Oil holding and melting furnaces. Castings are manufactured on our range of semi-automated gravity die casting machines.

Casting MachiningAluminium Casting image 4

We are equipped with our own in-house complete production engineering machine shop including semi and automatic lathes, CNC, boring Keywaying, drilling and tapping facilities.

Spraying and metal finishing (in co-operation with other companies)

  • Aluminium Chromating
  • Conventional spray system (wet paint)
  • Lacquer – Varnishes
  • Electrostatic powder paint
  • Anodising